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Upside Down Games is an independant computer games developer based in the South West of the UK. Its aim is to produce fun, unique games with a universal appeal across a range of platforms.

The first official release by Upside Down Games was The Fungooms, a Flash based online games website for toddlers and preschool children. Since its release, it has recieved many positive comments and reviews from parents and members of the education community all over the world and, in April 2011, was featured on the BBC's technology show, CLICK.

Upside Down Games' central philosophy is to create digital entertainment remeniscent of a more innocent age, when video games were more about fun and originality.

The Upside Down Team are currently expanding the Fungooms website and developing original titles for iPad and iPhone.

Meet The Team

Ned Langman

Ned's breakthrough game was Amiga cult classic, Silkworm, published by Sci in 1989. He produced the art and Ronald Pieket coded, and in 1991 they followed Silkworm up with the hugely popular SWIV for Amiga, and in 1992, Super SWIV for the SNES. The SWIV team then went on to convert Rodland for the Amiga, which was also fondly recieved.

Ned left Sci in 1995 and joined Probe Entertainment where he was Lead artist and joint designer on 3d multiplayer shooter, Forsaken, for PC, N64 and Playstation.

In 2000, Ned joined startup company Climax Brighton, which went on to become Blackrock studios. There, he worked on racing titles like Hotwheels World Race and Hotwheels Stunt Track Challenge. Finding it increasingly hard to get his teeth into a decent project, Ned took a break, shifted down a gear and moved to Devon.

Seven years later, thanks to the growth of Internet gaming and portable devices, Ned started pushing pixels again, set up the limited company Upside Down Games and, in 2010, created The Fungooms, a successful online Flash game aimed at youngsters, currently recieving over 2,000 unique visitors a day

Greg Michael

In 1989 Greg joined SCi, then known as the Sales Curve, to work on arcade conversions of NARC and Double Dragon III for Amiga and Atari ST.

After a brief spell in management, Greg left to join Probe Entertainment as a Producer where he worked on a number of titles before taking the role of Lead programmer on Alien Trilogy for Playstation, and then Forsaken for Playstation.

In 1999 he left Probe to set up a new Company with Tony Beckwith and Ned Langman originally called Pixel Planet and later renamed Climax Brighton, where Greg took the role of Technical Director. Here, Greg was involved with many racing titles such as MotoGP for Xbox, Hotwheels Stunt Track Challenge for PS2, GameCube and Xbox, Rally Fusion for PS2 and Xbox and quite a few others.

Taking a break, Greg moved to Wales and started a Smallholding where he now develops games in between feeding his Chickens and milking his goats.